Lead Generation

Lead generation is clever, bespoke marketing which is easy to manage and build into hugely profitable channels for new customer acquisition. Our service allows you to access your brand new customers at precisely the right moment with the right product and maximise the likelihood of a sale. Utilising our widespread survey network which includes call centres, online and printed media, we can confirm that responders’ characteristics exactly match those of your existing customers, and more importantly that they actually wish to buy from you, there and then, in real time. We will give you exclusive access to these highly targeted sales leads through your preferred contact channel.

Simply through our appropriate logic driven questioning, we can deliver you an ongoing high volume stream of leads for you to contact through your preferred medium of telephone, mobile, mail or email. Consumers enjoy the convenience of receiving an instant response that is highly targeted to their needs and relevant to them at that time. Every lead we supply is wholly exclusive, and with high levels of accuracy, conversion rates from our lead generation campaigns are outstanding. Every qualified lead we send to you will have been through our rigorous validation process and we will have controlled the opt-in process from source to partner.

If you’re looking for the best quality, pre-qualified sales leads for your business, get in touch with Verve Media today for a no obligation quote.