Direct marketing is a valuable tool in any businesses’ marketing arsenal. Utilised online, offline or as a blended solution, direct marketing done well, is the most important ingredient in any marketing decision maker’s mix.

Verve Media London Ltd (VML) bring together years of experience in the direct marketing arena. Coupled with great insight and industry knowledge, we encompass online with traditional offline channels to offer a tangible solution to the most demanding of acquisition campaigns.

Offering measurable campaigns through telemarketing, SMS, email and postal (direct mail) channels, Verve Media will work tirelessly in a hands-on and pro-active manner to ensure every campaign is on time and on budget, but more importantly we will give you a real return on your investment.

Searching for the right product or solution for your needs can sometimes be more than a minefield. So let Verve Media eliminate the common pitfalls and do the work for you!

About Us

Verve Media London Limited is a Buckinghamshire based direct marketing agency with a team of well heeled industry professionals whose roots lie in rigorous, hard working direct response advertising and marketing. As a leading direct marketing agency, Verve Media Ltd (VML) offer a wholly integrated, brand literate service and are neutral in our approach with all of our clients. Our role is to encourage and entice positive customer responses through a multitude of marketing channels.

To date we have increased marketing effectiveness and profitability for many of the UK's leading brands. Offering a fully integrated service, combined with a market-leading data platform and access to the most comprehensive independent datasets with a consultative approach, these principles are the driving force behind every successful campaign delivered from Verve Media.

Our independent stance in the marketplace underpins our commitment to accuracy. It gives us the freedom to focus purely on bringing you the most accurate customer and prospect data, with true verification from multiple sources. We will consult you throughout the whole campaign process from the initial planning and selection, right through to the delivery and analysis of results. Then based on our findings, our pro-active and dedicated staff will assist you in planning ongoing, measurable and successful campaigns.

Using Verve’s array of prospecting, retention, cross-selling and strategic development resources, you will have access to industry insight into target markets that ensures you build relationships with the most profitable customers and prospects.

With changing media trends we are increasingly looking at new, innovative and alternative forms of media to generate direct responses for our clients. These include hot key transfers, smart phone applications, social media and user interface marketing. We understand that to extract full value, eliminate wastage and increase revenue, we must move and grow in line with industry trends and our clients. As markets diversify and change more quickly, we will look deeper into our prospect data so our clients realise more timely and relevant campaigns, consistently targeting the correct people with the correct services at the perfect time.